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How Young Living Essential Oils Can Bring You Health, Happiness, and Extra Money - If You Need It

These days it's hard to get through the day without hearing some seriously scary news on the economy.
I recently had a conversation with a friend who's a stay-at-home-mom, in which she shared her fear that she might need to enter the workforce again with outdated skills and gaps in her resume.
I shared with her the fact that simply by helping others ease their symptoms with the highest quality aromatherapy products available, I've been able to bring in extra money to help my family, without ever having to work outside the home.
Interestingly enough, I got started with Young Living essential oils nearly ten years ago not to make extra money, but because the products were helping my depression, naturally and effectively.
However, I soon found out that while simply telling others how good I felt and showing them how to order the products, I was not only helping them, but I started to generate an income for myself.
I was helping people create better health and creating financial stability at the same time.
At the time I didn't realize it, but the income I made from Young Living ended up helping my family through some tough financial times last year when my husband closed his business.
And while we are still recovering from that crisis, Young Living is helping us build a future that is more secure, has more freedom, and is more aligned with our beliefs and values.
You see, I'm the type of person that never wanted to get involved with network marketing because I didn't want my friends to run in the other direction when they saw me.
Somehow, referring Young Living to others happened naturally, and I never felt like I was selling anything, because I was simply sharing the truth with others.
Also, there's no monthly requirement with Young Living so there's no pressure put on anyone to buy products, or to promote them if you don't wish.
Many, many people simply become members to purchase whenever they choose.
Whether you are like my husband and me -- looking to create more freedom, time, and less stress in your life, -- or whether you are completely happy with your life, who couldn't use a little more financial security these days? It's relatively easy to make an additional $300 a month referring Young Living to others, and $300 a month can act as an addition to savings, or can help out with the bills without having to work outside the home.
For me, Young Living is a way to help others achieve the best in themselves.
The products work on the body, mind, and soul.
For the physical side, Young Living has blends and supplements that help with liver cleansing, colon cleansing, and improve digestion; blends that support the thyroid and endocrine systems, hormonal balancing, and more.
For the emotional side of us they have products that help with depression and anxiety and moving past stuck emotions.
There are essential oils that help with meditation, spirituality, or essential oils that will simply help relax and fall asleep.
They have drinks designed for weight loss and personal care products.
Everything is of the utmost purity and has been created with the intent of bringing your health to the highest level possible.
So, today as I try to put the financial news in perspective, I take no small comfort in the fact that my Young Living business is helping to create long-term financial security for our family.
Instead of striving for "get rich quick" ideas, we are looking to create more time, freedom, and a life aligned with our values .
Young Living essential oils are helping us do this, and I'm helping others achieve this, as well.

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