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Grand River Family Fishing Trip - Worth the 1 Hour Drive From Toronto

Discover family fishing on the the Grand River with over 80 different types of fish.
This beautiful river winds through a series of small towns with a vast pristine wilderness.
This nearby watershed offers an excellent day of fishing for all ages and skill level.
Three favorite fishing sections are: Glen Morris to Paris, Paris to Brant Park and Brant Park to the Cockshutt Bridge.
Each of the sections are different.
Glen Morris offers smallmouth bass, Paris has trout and bass...
and Cockshutt has bass & walleye.
A unique way to fish these three sections is with platform rafts.
On the Grand River near Paris, there are presently two rafting companies offering family floats for bass, trout and pickerel.
The drift boats are platform-rafts with swivel deck chairs.
The slow drift of these rafts allow fisherman to thoroughly fish the stone-bottom pools.
The platforms can accommodate up to 4 people with spin cast rods or two people fly-fishing.
The following is a description of a typical fishing trip on the Grand experienced by a father & son from Toronto: I arrived in the small village of Glen Morris at 7am, for my first fishing trip on the Grand River.
I was with my 12 year old.
The guide was setting up the gear so we helped carry some of the equipment down to the water.
As I looked up the river, I watched the mist flee before the morning sun.
A breath-taking sight I have never seen in Toronto.
The guide was awed, pulled out his camera and took a shot.
Within 20 minutes we were away.
The raft setup was spacious.
We had front row seats of the river before us, with the guide rowing in the back.
Our fishing deck was a 64 square foot platform with room to fish from all angles.
The sight-elevation above the water made it excellent for peering down.
We were paddled through the mist into the stillness of the forested valley.
As we rounded the first corner, the guide pointed out where to cast.
Our lines soared in an arc, plunking into the water.
As we drifted, the valley was alive with Carolinian birds and frogs.
I stopped fishing, and looked at my son...
he was just sitting there taking it all in...
his line drifting.
Suddenly his rod bent in half.
"You've got one!" I yelled.
After a nice fight, my son proudly held up the first fish caught...
a large, feisty 13" smallmouth.
We took a quick picture and released it.
Our guide informed us that although the fish are tasty, they are much more fun to catch again.
Throughout the morning we caught eight more smallmouth bass, a 3ft northern pike and a 3ft carp.
What a start! The guide thought we were doing quite well, and was impressed with our northern pike.
We pulled over for a lunch that stuffed us.
After lunch, my son delighted in a crayfish-catching adventure with the guide.
As we continued down the river the sunlight danced on the rapids.
It seemed like we pulled a fish in every 15 or 20 minutes.
The amount of fish caught made the five hour trip go fast.
At the end, my son said "Dad, when we were coming back?" I was thinking the same.
And coming back we have...
happy and intoxicated with our newest love...
fishing the Grand River.
This river offers a fishing experience with maximum fishing and minimum travel.
So if looking for a nearby family day of fishing...
then knock at the door of the Grand River Valley.

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