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Top 8 singers in last 50 years

So, who are the top eight artists (aka singers or performers) in last 50 years? I know that as a music lover, you have more than 100 names to fight in the top eight positions in your personal music collection. But which artists have spent the maximum time in Billboard top lists and which artists sold the maximum number of albums? Any guess?

Here are the top eight artists in last 50 years in all categories and genres:

1. The Beatles: Who else could be in the number one position but the legendary Beatles? They just stormed in and took the whole music lovers' community away. They need no introduction and no recommendation and they have no boundaries. They are actually singers of the world.

2. Madonna: The queen of music is at second position. Her unique signature tunes and bold screen presence have taken the world by storm. She is not just a singer; she has turned into an icon of glamour world. There is no doubt that she stands tall at the number two. Do I need to talk about the awards she has own so far?

3. Elton John: In the third position we have Elton John. What should we say about him? He started his musical career at the age of 15 as a pianist in a pub. The pianist eventually earned Academy award in 1995 for Lion King in the Best Original Song category. He has already released 29 studio albums starting with Empty Sky in 1969.

4. Elvis Presley: The king of Rock and Roll is at number four. You might be wondering why he is ranking after Elton John though he is one of highest selling and most influential popular music artist! The chart published by Billboard top 100 all time music artists actually took so many things into consideration (like Billboard ranking, music sales volume, airtime etc.) that the King got fourth position. However, for the diehard Elvis fans, he is always the number one. (BTW, this is true for all artists.)

5. Stevie Wonder: Blindness never came into his way to becoming a great singer, who has already won 27 Grammy Awards (including one lifetime achievement award), An Academy Award and Polar Music Prize. He signed with Motown Records at the age of twelve and now he is a member of Rock and Roll and Songwriters hall of fame. He is at number 5 with more than 30 super hit songs doing great at Billboard top ten.

6. Mariah Carey: Fans would always fight for Mariah to prove her better and a more successful singer than Dianna. But as far as number of hits, music sales and time spent in the billboard top ten is concerned, Mariah is at number 6.

7. Janet Jackson: This is interesting. Though Michael Jackson is more famous than Janet, she has topped him in the list. Initially people thought that she is just riding on her last name. However, after Billboard's "top 100" list, there should not be any doubt.

8. Michael Jackson: He started his music career at the age of 11 as one of the members of Jackson 5. However, by 1980's he was a dominant pop star. And it won't be wrong if we say that he has given a new definition to video production. He is our number 8.

So, did the list match your guess?

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