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The Most Effective Way to Conceive a Boy Child

Over the weekend, I got a question on my blog in which the writer asked me if the "most effective way to conceive a boy or male child" was to focus on timing, pH, or sexual positions, or perhaps something else that she didn't know about.
She was basically asking if I could pick only one of these, which one would I pick.
I have a definite and very strong opinion on this, which I will share with you in the following article.
Why I Think That You Should Combine Methods In Order To Be The Most Effective When You Are Trying For A Son: In actuality, I think that each and every one of these methods work and are effective.
But, there are millions of sperm chromosomes that race for and then try to fertilize your egg.
To give yourself the highest chance of conceiving a son, you'll want to eliminate as many of the girl or X chromosomes as you possibly can (and it would be optimal to eliminate them all.
) This may seem next to impossible, but people do it every day.
I know that she asked me to chose one, but in good faith, I couldn't because I knew that neglecting one of these things might just allow the X through that would produce a daughter.
Now, it's probably not possible to eliminate each and every one of these girl producing sperm, but you can certainly give it your best shot.
Each part of your regimen can accomplish this, but by combining them all, you're giving yourself the best chance for that blue nursery you're after or for the little tyke that is going to watch sports with you.
For example, having intercourse on the day of or after ovulation is known to favor the Y or boy sperm and this is really not a big secret.
So, this one thing may eliminate some of the girl sperm.
But, this still leaves many that can still make their way to the egg (and these little gals are stronger.
) So, for the remaining X's, you'll want to then alkalize your vagina and therefore your reproductive tract.
(This is just a fancy way of saying that you want to lower your PH reading as given by testing strips.
) This too gives the Y's or boy producing sperm more of a fighting chance.
This second part of the process will give the green light to yet more Y's and give the red light to yet more X's.
But, you have to figure that there are still a few more and this is where the third part of the plan comes in.
By using deep penetration when you have intercourse, you are doing yet one more thing to give the boy producing or Y sperm their most favorable distance.
And, you've already eliminated many X's and preserved many Y's so that those who are left are the finalists in the race.
And yet, you're still doing what you can to ensure the best outcome.
Which Step Do You Take First When You're Trying To Conceive A Boy Child?: Many people do understand that all three of these steps should be completed for the best chance of success.
But many don't know which methods they should try first and / or in what order.
And, they want to know if they were to not be as diligent on one, which one is the least important? There's really no right or wrong answer, but here is what I think works best.
I believe that since getting your pH right could potentially take the longest (and also potentially be the most intimidating), you should start there.
I always advocate getting the thing you dread most out of the way.
Get yourself some pH testing strips and, if you are too high on your readings, start a low pH diet consisting of alkaline foods or begin douching with the appropriate ingredients to lower it.
(In this instance too, I advocate combining both methods for the best outcome.
) There's also no reason why you should not begin using a saliva ovulation predictor while you are doing this.
One has nothing to do with the other and this will help you get to know your ovulation and fertility cycle.
But, generally speaking, pH takes the longest while it should only take you a few months at the most to determine when you ovulate.
Meanwhile, you should keep monitoring yourself with the strips to make sure you maintain a low and acceptable PH.
What you're hoping for is to see ovulation happen with the predictor on the same day as you're very low on the strips (and this should happen if you're maintaining your diet correctly.
) Then, on that day, you'll want to have intercourse using the position that you know (you can experiment while you are tweaking your PH) gives you deep penetration to ensure more of the Y's reach their intended destination.
And, if I had to say which variable was the least important, I'd probably say intercourse positioning, but this is also very easy to accomplish so I don't know why anyone would want to ignore or eliminate it.

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