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Proposal Ideas Involving Children and Animals: Must or Bust?

Children and animals are two of the most divisive forces among people of all ages, religions, cultures, races and creeds.
Typically, particularly in Western society, they are either loved or loathed, with very few people remaining indifferent to their charms (or lack thereof.
) As such, it is easy to see why a bride or groom who wants to surprise his significant other with something different from the usual proposal ideas might think of involving a pet, or perhaps a toddler or primary-school child, in his or her presentation ceremony.
Both children and animals are known for being innocent and mostly devoid of malice, so 'enlisting' them in an engagement proposal could easily add that touch of guilelessness many people find endearing.
Whether or not it is a good idea to include them in the proceedings, however, is up for debate.
Objectively speaking, there is not a lot that can go right in a proposal involving children and/or animals and a lot that can potentially go wrong.
Cuteness Guaranteed Of course, the biggest advantage of attempting proposal ideas that involve small children or animals is the potential for a 'cuteness overload'.
A person who is fond of either will be nearly powerless to resist the charm of a toddler reaching up to present him or her with a diamond ring or of a dog gambolling over to offer it from a basket tied around its neck.
This sort of gesture is both romantic and irresistible and makes a good argument in favour of using animals and children indirectly to propose to a significant other.
Flirting With Disaster On the other hand, any controlled endeavour involving elements of either of these groups automatically has the potential to backfire.
Both children (at least those under a certain age) and pets often lack the attention span, concentration and even motor skills necessary to carry out successfully ideas involving any kind of precision.
There is a high likelihood that either a toddler, a primary school child or even a teenager will lose, misplace or damage the ring, and the same is obviously true of a dog or a cat.
Brides and grooms who want to make sure their proposal ideas go through without a hitch are therefore probably better off avoiding this sort of option altogether.
In the end, then, the use of children or pets in proposal ceremonies has both pros and cons.
It is up to the future brides and grooms to weigh these types of proposal ideas and decide which category potentially outweighs the other.

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