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How to Make a Table Cloth From a Bed Sheet

    • 1). Lay the bed sheet face down on the floor, then measure its length and width with a tape measure. Divide its length and width by two to get the center of each measurement, then draw a straight line along the center of its length and width. Find the point where the lines intersect, then mark the point with an "X." Use tailor's chalk to mark the bed sheet.

    • 2). Locate the center of the table by following the same procedures used in locating the center of the bed sheet. If the table is circular in shape, divide the diameter of the table by two to get its center. Mark the center of the table with a "Y."

    • 3). Place the bed sheet on top of the table. Move the position of the bed sheet so its longest side is parallel to the longest side of the table, if the table is rectangular. If the table is square, adjust the bed sheet so the shortest side of the sheet is parallel to one side of the square. Align the center of the bed sheet with the center of the table by placing the X mark on the sheet over the Y mark on the table top.

    • 4). Look at the bed sheet hanging along the sides of the table and determine the length of tablecloth drop you wish to maintain around the table. Measure from the edge of the table down to the point where you wish to terminate the drop.

    • 5). Trace the outline of the table onto the underside of the sheet by lifting the sheet along the side of the table to expose the edge of the table, and tracing the edges of the table onto the underside of the sheet.

    • 6). Lay the sheet face down on the floor. Enlarge the outline you traced in Step 5 by adding the length of the drop you determined in Step 4 to each outer side of the outline. Starting from the outline and moving out toward the edge of the bed sheet, measure the number of inches equal to the length of the drop. Then, draw a new line parallel to the outline. Perform this procedure on each side of the original outline until you have completed the enlarged outline.

    • 7). Cut the bed sheet along the enlarged outline to trim its size and shape, using scissors. Fold all edges of the bed sheet toward its underside by 1/2 inch, then sew the edges with a hemming stitch. Place the tablecloth on top of the table to see its fit.

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