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Steering Problems on a Ford F-450

    Steering Problems

    • Some of the problems that can arise with the steering of the F-450 include difficulty turning the steering wheel, grinding noise when turning the steering wheel, vibration in the steering column when turning and steering wheel pull or wander to either the left or right.


    • The steering wheel should not be turned to the furthest turning point for longer than 3 to 5 seconds while the engine is on. Do not drive the truck if the power steering fluid is below the "MIN" level (which ruins the steering system) or above the "MAX" level (which can cause leaks).


    • There also have been some recalls of F-450 vehicles due to problems with steering. One occurred in 1999 when 90,000 vehicles were recalled for problems with the steering and gearbox. Another incident occurred in 2005 in which 450 vehicles were recalled for a similar problem.

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