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Tv Wall Mounting Brackets - Installation Tips

Installing a television wall mounting bracket doesn't have being challenging. Preparation and planning are the primary points to remember. Once you've decided on the specific kind of TV wall mounting bracket, and also you are ready to install it, take the time to plan your installation in order that it has a professional seem once you complete the job.

After you decide the install area, measure about 45 inches from the floor. This will probably be the place of the television. Cut out a piece of cardboard the same approximate size as the Television and affix it for the wall. This will give you a rough idea of one's TV's placement.

Many folks are tempted to mount their television at picture height, but this isn't a excellent height for television viewing. Sit in your favorite chair or exactly where you will be viewing the TV from and picture the height you will be viewing your TV at. You do not want to have to glimpse upwards and strain your neck.

Constantly use a stud finder to locate the studs within the wall. Tend not to "guesstimate", be sure. In most newer homes, studs are located 16 inches apart.

Expend the money on great quality cables and run them though the wall. This way you never have got to replace them. Also, you eliminate the seem of unsightly cables running down the wall. Purchase all of the cables for every possible accessory in order that you do not must add them later. They can just sit behind the TV until you need them.

Expend the $20 and invest in yourself a laser level. They are an excellent way to determine exactly where things need to have being placed with extreme accuracy. Measure quite a few times and mark the wall previous to you drill any holes. You will not desire to have to fix those holes later if they are within the wrong location.

Measure your wall accurately before you purchase your TV wall mounting bracket. You want to be certain that the bracket is the appropriate size for your stud spacing. If your studs are not the suitable width, it is possible to affix a piece of plywood to the studs and then drill your Television wall mounting bracket onto the plywood.

Always ensure that the mount you purchase can handle the weight of one's Television. When you hang your Television on your Television wall mount bracket, you tend not to want any surprises and you most certainly usually do not want your TV to fall off the wall.

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