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Online Earning - Put the Odds in Your Favor

Ninety-three out of every one-hundred people who make the choice to earn money from the internet fail.
That's right, for all their efforts ninety three people never get to see one thin dime.
What makes these seven people so different from the rest of the herd? Do they have more money? Better friends? Are they just smarter than everyone else? None of these things matter when it comes to earning online.
The one thing they do have is absolutely free, yet priceless if you are looking to earn money, in any venture imaginable.
It's called Definiteness of Purpose.
Through Definiteness of Purpose, these rare seven have figured out what their chief aim of the internet is.
They have a clear, exact mental image of what it is they want to achieve before they even begin.
With Definiteness of Purpose, no longer are you aimlessly looking to be sold on the next gimmick that comes along.
Having a picture of what you want to do will narrow your vision to only the true opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.
To develop Definiteness of Purpose is simple.
Before you begin or continue your search, ask yourself these four questions, and answer them honestly
  1. What do you see yourself doing/ what are you good at/ what are you interested in?This is the most important question of the four.
    It is imperative that the position you choose be interesting and exciting, so that you stay excited and interested! There is something for everyone on the internet, but if you go blindly picking a venture, chances are good that you won't be interested in it, a sure path to failure.
  2. How much are you willing to invest? Not every internet opportunity will cost you money; however it is best to have a number in mind should your choices take you down that road/ The second biggest reason people fail is they take on ventures outside of their budget range, so be realistic with this number
  3. How much time are you willing to invest/Are you looking for short term returns or a long term residual income? This question deals with time in two aspects.
    First, how much time per week are you willing to dedicate to an online venture? It makes sense to choose an opportunity that you know you have the time for, and are willing to dedicate the time to as well.
    Second, how long are you willing to wait to see a return on your efforts? If you choose a contract position, you can see returns as soon as that particular pay cycle completes, although you can expect no more than an hourly wage at a traditional job would bring.
    On the other hand, with affiliate marketing, it may be a while before you see a regular income; however, if chosen and marketed correctly, affiliate marketing can earn a pretty handsome residual income down the road.
  4. How much do you expect to earn? This question brings all the information you've discovered about yourself in the last three questions together.
    How much do you believe the time you are wiling to dedicate, the amount of money you are willing to invest (if any), and the service you have chosen to render are worth? Don't sell yourself short, but also, be realistic.
The internet can be a confusing jungle if you have no idea of what you want.
We are all bombarded with many "opportunities to make money everyday, and if you don't have any idea of what you want to do, you are setting yourself up to become a "Lead", just another buyer of the next so-called big thing.
Having Definiteness of Purpose will help you navigate through all the marketing mess, to the best opportunity for you.

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