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Career as a medical transcriptionist

Medical Transcription Companies and the services they provide:

Outsourcing Companies:

Today we have seen, many organizations like to outsource a part of their daily work. This is all thanks to the concept of outsourcing. Outsourcing is like a boon to mother companies. They can get rid of their daily operations and leave the burden to others. By outsourcing, the mother companies not just save a lot of money but can also increase their efficiency in markets. Imagine a situation where you own a company that provides internet services. You need a lot of departments to manage this business. Apart from marketing and financials, you also need a department for technical support. As, if you are not able to provide proper technical support, your customers will not stay with you. Managing all this is definitely difficult. Now if you are able to outsource a couple of departments of yours, I am sure that you will be a lot happier and you will be able to concentrate more on your productivity to earn more money.

Medical Transcription:

Medication in advanced countries is given at most priority. The way, doctors and hospitals function in advanced countries is completely different from other countries. In most of the advanced countries, citizens have a unique identification number and all their medical records are linked to the same number. The medical records have data like allergies, medicines that suit you, historical diseases, hereditary diseases etc. Now, when a person seeks a doctor, they need to add all the information of that visit to the patient's file. This is a very tedious job; imagine a situation, if that person was to undergo any surgery. To avoid all this mess and save time, doctors started recording all the proceedings of that visit and later type it and add it to patient's records. This was the dawn of medical transcription and Medical transcription companies.

Medical Transcription Outsourcing:

If you are a famous surgeon and you perform more than 2 surgeries in a day, imagine how much time you need to spend typing what you have recorded earlier. To avoid all this mess, doctors and hospitals started outsourcing this job work. This was the dawn of medical transcription outsourcing industry. Here doctors record the proceedings of patient's visit to a computer or a device. Later, these recordings are then uploaded to the FTP servers of outsourcing companies. People in these companies, download the audio files, convert them into text files and send them back to the FTP servers. Later doctors, not just link these files to patient's files but can also review then as and when needed. This medical transcription outsourcing and Medical transcription companies made the lives of doctors easier and hassle free.

Services we expect from good medical transcription companies:

The most common expectations from a good medical transcription companies are:
  1. Providing the best hardware needed to record dictations.
  2. Many companies also provide a toll free number to doctors for the ease of dictating as per their convenience.
  3. Best companies ensure that the files are sent back on time. Time is one of the most important factors to determine success of any company.
  4. Like timing, accuracy is also equally important. Companies need to provide more than 99.9% accuracy. Any kind of spelling or grammatical mistakes can be fatal in this industry.
  5. Providing transcripts on priority bases. Companies should have all the necessary means to meet situations of emergencies. Example, in case there is an accidental case and that needs to be addressed immediately, companies should be able to send the transcript of such cases within a short span of time.
  6. Capacity to handle volumes offered. No one would like to outsource their work to more than one Partner Company, as it will increase their burden again.

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