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Superstar Sales Success - The "Climbing Yes Mountain" Sales Technique!

Selling is a fascinating and profitable discipline.
Find a great sales person, and you'll find someone who has the virtual equivalent of a Master's Degree in Psychology.
In this article, we're going to talk about one very important concept and associated sales technique that every great sales person knows and uses.
If you're a new business owner or a novice at selling, then learning this technique will be extremely beneficial for you.
I call this technique the "Climbing Yes Mountain" technique.
Although everyone is different, as humans, we all have a tendency to act and react in certain predictable ways.
One characteristic that is common among most people is the desire to be consistent.
When someone takes a position on a particular subject, they tend to want to take additional positions that they perceive as being consistent with their original position.
In addition, people will often vigorously defend a position once they have adopted it even if they didn't feel strongly about it initially.
Interestingly, just the fact that they have adopted a particular position will greatly increase the intensity of their feelings for that position.
This desire to maintain consistency has a very important implication for anyone involved in sales.
The easiest way to illustrate what I'm talking about is with an example.
Let's pretend that you sell cars.
Cars are a major purchase for most people, and you will need to help your potential buyer get comfortable with the idea of actually making the purchase.
Using the "Climbing Yes Mountain" technique, you immediately try to get the buyer to agree to something...
You want them to say yes to something.
Start small and work up to the big decision.
Of course, the specifics of how you proceed will depend on the general type of vehicle they are interested in.
Naturally, your approach will be different for a potential buyer who is interested in a compact car than for a potential buyer who is interested in a large SUV.
To the compact car buyer, you might say, "This car gets 38 MPG on the highway.
Getting great gas mileage is important to you, isn't it?"To the SUV buyer, you might say, "Look at how much room you have inside this vehicle.
Having enough room to comfortably carry your family and all your things is important to you, isn't it?" What you say isn't nearly as important as saying something that the potential buyer can agree with.
You want them to say yes.
After their first yes, you want to continue saying things that they can agree with.
You want them to get in the habit of saying yes.
Each yes will build upon all the ones that came before it.
The more the potential buyer says yes, the easier it becomes for them to continue saying yes.
It also becomes much more difficult for the potential buyer to say no because it would be inconsistent with all their previous yes responses.
Of course, your ultimate goal as a sales person is to help the potential buyer reach the top of "Yes Mountain.
"That's the yes that closes the deal.
So do everything you can to help your potential buyer find that common ground of agreement with you.
Help them "Climb Yes Mountain!"

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