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Custom Window Treatments - Add a Touch of Style and Elegance to Your Home

When you shift to a new house...
yes it is just a house! but pretty soon you will be buying furniture, lighting, rugs, garden décor, stuff to set up your kitchen, curtains and lo and behold! Your house has transformed into a home.
Getting a custom window treatment is part of transforming your house into your very own home, your nest where memories are made.
Where the family gathers during good times and bad to share, to nurture and to aspire.
Your window treatment bears the mark of your personality and taste, as it would in every little detail of your home.
A tastefully done window treatment will harmoniously blend in with your rooms décor.
Whether you use light and thin fabrics like ivory, satin or silks, interlining is necessary to give body to the limp fabrics to help them to flow nicely.
The use of exquisite cords and tie-backs, to sweep up the drapes for an airy and bright room, adds a bit of elegance and class to your home.
Heavier Jacquards, and Damask would be suitable with a structured heading and an elaborate valance exuding a warm, luxurious look .
The of these heavy fabrics give an enclosed, intimate and cozy feel to your home.
Since you have the freedom to opt for a custom window treatment, you can give life to your artistic expressions.
Experiment with newer novel ideas and do not hesitate to be trend-setter.
Knickknacks, baubles, beads, and ribbons can be incorporated into your custom window treatment to create unique designs and styles.

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