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Law Enforcement on Wireless Alarms


    • The wireless alarm is a non-electrical mechanism you can have installed in your home or office. The alarm can alert you to other dangers, such as fire, but its chief purpose is to alert law enforcement to an intrusion or break-in on the premises.


    • Most wireless alarms are powered by batteries and can be placed somewhere on the wall. They typically employ either infrared or radio waves, dispersed in the protected zone. Disturbances occurring to those waves, on their preset frequency, sets off the siren.


    • With or without a siren, the alarm will automatically contact local law enforcement or the alarm company. The alarm company may contact the police on its own if it receives the initial transmission from the alarm.


    • Some police will call you back, to see if something is truly wrong or if the trigger was an accident. Others immediately send an officer to your home. If you have a wireless alarm or are thinking of purchasing one you should contact your local police and inquire as to their policy.

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