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Is Your Gold Jewelry Real?

You may think you have come across some fabulous pieces at a discounted price but are you sure that's real gold you have in your hand? The rather obvious solution would be to go to a certified jeweler and ask, but there are more than one ways to find out on your own.

Gold Jewellery- Using a Magnet to Test Gold Jewelry

We all know that real gold doesn't get attracted to a magnet. This is why if a gold piece is sticking to a piece of magnet it shows some form of impurity. Of course this test isn't conclusive either on its own because sometimes fake pieces are made with alloys that do not get attracted by magnets – doesn't mean they are real.

What You Need to Look For Physically

One of the first things to look at is to check for discoloration, which is usually visible around edges. If another material is peeking out, the jewelry is definitely fake and plated with gold. The next thing would be to check for the official stamp on the jewelry piece. All types of gold jewelry have stamps that confirm the grade of the gold. Grading is done in finesse or carats. A finesse reading might read something like 1-1000 or .1-.999 while a carat reading will be from 1 K to 24 K. Anything less than ten carat isn't really gold but is made with mixed materials. In older pieces these stamps may have deteriorated over time. Of course this method is not very reliable because it's easy to forge a stamp on a faux piece of jewelry to make it look authentic.

Buy Gold Jewellery- Using Nitric Acid for Gold Testing

The most conclusive testing method is to make use of Nitric Acid. But there is a specific way to accomplish this. The surface of the gold item should be scratched in order to remove the gold plating. You should do this on a part of the jewelry that is least visible. Once you do this, the plating will no longer be on top. Use a drop of nitric acid on this surface to test if the material inside receives some kind of reaction. If the material doesn't react, then it is real gold – otherwise it's fake. If you can just be careful with the use of acid, careful not to burn yourself, this test is a simple and effective way to find out the real truth about your ‘real' gold jewelry! Original Gold Jewellery

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