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Shopping with Your Mobile Phones: Few Tips to Follow

Mobile has become an essential part of our everyday life. It is hard to imagine our lives without a mobile. The initial mobile phones were meant to make the communication easy. However, a lot has changed in a last few years. Mobile phones are not just means to communicate. They have become much more. With the arrival of Smartphones, the meaning of mobile has changed a lot. Now you do not just use your mobile to talk to your family and friends. You play games on your mobile, you store your songs in your phone, you make online transactions through your phone, you access internet from your phone, you download and upload files using your phone and you use your phone for mobile online shopping.

With booming online shopping and Smartphone usage, it is no surprise that a lot of us now prefer using our phones for mobile online shopping. And there are a lot of benefits as well if we use mobile online shopping. You get all the combined advantages of online shopping and having a Smartphone First of all, all we need for mobile online shopping is, a Smartphone and internet connectivity. Secondly, you can shop from almost anywhere, even if you do not have access to a desktop or you are not carrying a laptop. However, mobile online shopping is not completely risk free and hence it is important to follow some risk measures to make sure that your transactions are safe.

Only enter your credit card information

 A lot of people avoid using credit cards because of the high internet charges and fees. However, it is more prudent to enter your credit card information while doing mobile online shopping. First of all, there is a limit to which you can avail credit using a credit card. Hence if it falls in the wrong hands, the loss is limited. On the other hand if your debit card information is stolen, your whole money in your bank account is in danger. Secondly, credit cards often have higher security measures than debit cards.

Make sure the anti-virus is on

Always install a good anti-virus in your mobile and make sure to keep it up to date. Mobile online shopping brings with it the risk of malwares. Make sure that your anti-virus periodically scans your mobile for such theft.

Make sure to save the confirmation window

With every mobile online shopping you get a confirmation message for the payments. Always make sure to save this screen. Several Smartphones allow you to capture the screen. If your Smartphone doesn't have that feature, make sure to note any payment id they have provided in the message.

Use trusted shopping apps

It is always prudent to use the shopping app from a trusted developer. Several big online stores have their own mobile apps for shopping. If you are using any other app make sure that you can verify its authenticity.

Other tips

There are several other tips you can use for mobile online shopping. Make sure that you are not using a public Wi-Fi when shopping from your Smartphone. Sometimes due to small screens of Smartphones it becomes difficult to look for SSL or TLS signs. In such case make sure that you always buy from a trusted store. Another thing which is very important but highly ignored when shopping online from your mobile is to save your credentials from the sight of people who are nearby in a public place. You can never know, that the next person sitting with you is not a thief who steals people's online credentials.

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