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How to Make Unique Favor Wedding Crafts

Wedding seasons is just beginning and the editors are seeing more and more wedding crafts at FaveCrafts.
Whether you are a bride-to-be or a family member or friend involved in planning a wedding, wedding crafts can be very helpful.
Wedding crafts are a great way to stretch your wedding budget, especially when planning wedding favors for your guests.
You can create favors that are unique, personalized and impressive with simple wedding crafts.
Candles Candles are the perfect wedding crafts, both for decorating and for wedding favors.
You can purchase a large block of plain, melt-and-pour wax base and add your own color and scent.
Use essential oils, like lavender or grapefruit, and color wax specially designed for candle-making.
Use your wedding colors and layer different wax colors in a pillar candle.
You can purchase pillar molds or more interesting shaped molds, such as flower or heart molds for floating candles.
You can also use glass jars as attractive molds, especially for layered candles.
If you are looking for eco-friendly wedding crafts, try making soy candles or rolled beeswax candles.
Wrap your homemade candles in a square of tulle and secure with a ribbon.
Add a special note from the couple or create personalized matchbooks to give your candle wedding crafts.
If you make your candles in a mason jar, you can secure the top, with or without a square of fabric, and tie a ribbon or length of twine around the top to complete.
Seeds Give seeds for eco-friendly wedding favors.
Give wildflower seeds, flower seeds matching your wedding colors or herbal seeds, such as basil or cilantro.
Use paper wedding crafts to create a personalized envelope or paper bag for your seeds.
For something simple, you can use small brown bags decorated with a monogram stamp.
Use a commercial seed packet as a guide to make your own with wedding scrapbook paper.
  • Package a recipe with the seed packet.
    Give a guacamole recipe with cilantro seeds.
    Give a pesto recipe with basil seeds.
  • Add a picture of the couple to the outside of the seed packets.
    Once you have a template, you can print on photo paper and use the paper to create the seed packets.
  • Use sheer velum paper to package the seeds.
    Add a piece of paper with a quote, short poem or note from the couple to guests.
Bookmarks Bookmarks are wonderful wedding crafts for bookish couples tying the knot.
Bookmarks are a blast to make.
The bookmark design can match your wedding in style and color scheme, or you can make each bookmark unique.
Gather all your stamps, inks, scrapbook papers, punches, and embellishments and get creative.
Here are some ideas:
  • Print a poem or bible quote on the cardstock.
  • Paper punches come in fun shapes for quick wedding crafts.
    Punch a wedding bell shape from your bookmark or add two wedding bells with patterned paper with the help of your punch.
  • Photo booth photos are perfect for bookmarks.
    Take a perfect set and make copies for all your bookmarks.
    Glue the photo booth set to a slightly larger piece of cardstock.
    Add a ribbon at the top to complete.
  • If you love beading, make a beaded book thong instead of a paper bookmark.
    Use your wedding colors and add alphabet letters for the wedding monogram.

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