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Information on Cal Spa Hot Tub Plumbing

    Starting It Up

    • After installation, owners must fill their spa with enough water to cover the filter. This is necessary to start the pump and test the plumbing. Once filled, the spa will start to prime the pump. After opening all jets, you must press the "JETS" buttons to test the pump and get water flowing through the spa.

    Cold-Weather Protection

    • Outside hot tubs can face the danger of pipes freezing in cold weather. Cal Spas spas have a program set to run the pump if the outside temperature falls to 44 degrees. The pump will start to cycle water through the tub, keeping it free from ice buildup.

    Other Considerations

    • The pump, filters and plumbing contain a few diagnostic tools for the spa. If the spa fails to heat properly, open the access panel and ensure that the gate valves are open. Dirty filters can restrict water flowing through the spa, creating low heat and other problems with the plumbing and spa controls.

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