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Windows Has Detected a Spyware Infection - Learn How to Fix It

If your computer is telling you, "Windows has detected a spyware infection", don't panic, this article has the solution.
You will learn how to cure this problem, what the threat is, and another negative effect it may have on your computer.
After reading this you will also know how to avoid the threats that are associated with this error message and how to remove it from your computer for good.
First of all, in most cases, this message is no more than a way for a company to market their removal products.
It warns you that your computer is infected and will provide you with a link to their website where you're able to buy their programs.
This message can also provide links that download other harmful programs on your computer.
To avoid the risk of downloading even more harmful applications, do not click the link that the message provides.
In order to remove this message and any other programs associated with it, you need to download a scanner cleaner program.
You may notice other effects on your computer besides the annoying error message.
Spyware has many negative effects on the performance of your computer, including excessive error messages, pop-ups, browser crashing, poor computer performance and increased CPU usage, (which leads to the constant running of your fans to keep your CPU cool and can damage your system) as well as many other negative affects.
The solution to this is quite simple.
The use of a good software program to remove the threat from your computer will stop the error message and remove the harmful content.
Many of the multi-purpose programs do not completely remove the threat.
That is why you need software that will target the threat specifically.
When searching for a good professional program, reliability, ease of access, support, and effectiveness, should all be taken into account.
Many programs, especially the free cleaners, do not provide adequate protection and removal tools.
They may leave your computer unprotected and not delete what you already have on your computer.
The error message, "Windows has detected a spyware infection" is nothing to panic about because it is usually just a way for a company to advertise their products or a link to where you can download even more harmful programs onto your computer.
This is why you should never click the link without first verifying where the link takes you.
The application associated with this error message can be harmful to your computer and severely hurt performance.
Many multi-purpose free programs do not completely remove the threat, and other programs may leave your computer unprotected, or provide you with a false sense of security.
With the use of a good paid professional version you can be sure that your computer is well protected and will continue to run smoothly for years to come.

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