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Outside Dog House Cleaning Tips


    • The dog's house should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a month and the bedding and floor covering changed or cleaned weekly. Dogs don't usually soil their sleeping area, but if the dog is old or incontinent or soils for any other reason, you will need to clean the house more often. Empty the house completely of all contents, and, if possible, open the roof or turn the house upside-down to let air and light into the interior.

    Cleaning and Disinfecting

    • Vacuum the inside of the structure, paying special attention to corners and joints of a wooden structure. The vacuum will remove dust, sand particles, dog dander, loose hairs, parasites such as dead fleas and other insects. Wash the entire structure inside and out using an all-purpose cleaner, and add bleach to the solution for disinfectant purposes. Use a scrubbing brush to ensure that the soap and bleach can penetrate joints and corners. Rinse well using a hosepipe and clean water as detergents and bleach leave residue that may be harmful to the dog or that may cause allergic reactions. Allow the interior of the house to dry completely before reassembling or refurnishing it.


    • Changing the bedding regularly helps to keep the dog's coat clean and prevent odors. Materials for an outside doghouse may include the use of carpet, straw or newspaper as a floor covering, and all of these items become moldy once they get wet. Dry and vacuum the carpet, replace straw or paper with fresh, clean material and install these once the floor is dry. Blankets and cloth covers should be washed, either in the washing machine or in a tub, using a commercial detergent. Dry in a hot dryer, or hang them in sunlight to kill any parasites.

    Protection Against Parasites

    • Sprinkle flea control powder on the base of the house under the floor covering. Scatter natural tick repellents, such as essential oils, dried pine needles, fennel, rue or rosemary, under the bedding, which will provide a gentle fragrance for the clean doghouse.

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