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The Federal Reserve Bank - Do We Need it Or Not

After watching a documentary on how the banking system works in this country, I'm not sure that it doesn't need a complete overhaul, do we really need a private organization that is controlling the money flow in our country, does this not lend itself to corruption, at the highest levels.
I'd think that it would at the very least need public oversight, not the government but the people, we need to know where our money is going, and how it's being used, and not have a bunch of greedy bankers trying to hide things, and controlling how the money flows.
I think that it's about time that these people had to answer to us, the people of the country, and not some government entity that will just help the bankers get richer then they already are, the federal reserve bank actually controls the interest rates by how much money that they print.
The federal reserve bank is the institution that lends money to the banks that you, and I keep our money in, and when they want to raise interest rates they print less money, and charge the banks a higher rate to borrow it from them, and this trickles down to us, in the form of higher interest rates on loans.
These people do a lot of underhanded things to get what they want, and it's nothing new, it all started way before I was born, and most probably before you were born, the idea was sprouted by such people as the Rockafeller's, and the Rothchilds, and these people still run it today.
You've really got to look at the control that these people, and the federal reserve bank have over our finances, if you do some studying, you may not like what you find, and then again you may be one of them.
And love the idea of controlling the flow of money in the USA.
We all know that the rich people are the ones in control of the money, but just think about this as you live from week to week, on almost nothing, and the government wants to continually raise your taxes, if you don't pay your property tax on your hose, you'll be living on the street.
It's not a big stretch to think, that the already corrupt can become even more corrupt, and the people of the United States will be the one paying them to do it, just think, they want to join the USA with Canada, and Mexico, as a way for them to make even more money.
C'mon if we need to do anything, that thing would be to strengthen our borders, not completely remove them, it's just one step closer to a New World Order, the European countries have already done it, and it's not a good thing.
We have bankers having secret meetings, and politicians behind closed doors making new laws, that nobody knows about, and then quickly getting them passed without a vote by the people, or freedoms are all being killed, as we sit and watch.

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