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Video: How to Steam Milk for a Cafe Latte

Video Transcript

When it comes to steaming milk for lattes, it's very important to treat as a latte but not as a cappuccino. Meaning you don't want it to foam up too much. So in order to do that, you want to keep the steam wand submerged in the milk as much as possible. You might have to let a little bit of air in just to make it, the steam process more quiet, because it tends to get too loud if you keep it submerged the entire time. The first thing I want to do is just let the rest of the water, opening the valve. Another thing to note is that there needs to be a constant swirl going on in the steaming. The moment it gets unbearable to hold, that's when it's pretty much ready. And that is how your milk should look for a latte. It's liquidy, firm, no bubbles. That will make a really good latte.

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