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How to Become a Model in Scotland

    • 1). Meet the requirements. Female fashion models must be at least 5 foot 8 inches and male fashion models must be at least 6 feet tall. Fashion models should have toned bodies, healthy hair and straight teeth, and should be under 25 years old. Advertising models and promotional models can be shorter and older.

    • 2). Take your photo. Modeling agencies typically ask for a full body photo and a headshot. Some agencies will also ask for a natural photograph---meaning a photo of you without makeup on. The photos do not need to be professional. If you are offered a contract with the agency, they will help you create a modeling portfolio with professional photographs.

    • 3
      Modeling agencies will ask for your measurements.measure image by vashistha pathak from

      Take your measurements. Every modeling agency will ask for your measurements and dress size. Measure your hips, chest and waist. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and a ruler. Be accurate and honest. The modeling agency will know if you have lied when they meet with you.

    • 4). Apply at a modeling agency. Every professional model has an agent who is responsible for getting her modeling work. Several of the top modeling agencies in Scotland allow you to apply online.

    • 5). Prepare for your interview. If the agency likes what they see in your application, they will invite you in for an interview. Not only will they be looking at your outward appearance, but they will also look for confidence, poise, intelligence, professionalism and personality. If you are applying to be a fashion model, they may ask you to walk as you would on a catwalk.

    • 6). Attend your interview. Be on time, be courteous and be patient. Dress like a model and have your photos and measurements with you.

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