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Using The Correct Article Marketing Strategies

Using the right article marketing strategies can give you amazing results, while using the wrong strategies will give you poor results.
In order to get good results with this marketing technique you need to know how to use article marketing and use it properly.
This method is by far one of the most common practices that internet marketers use in their business.
It can give you three powerful advantages: exposure, direct traffic, and a high pr backlink.
These three points are what this method was made for and can be yours once you understand some simple article marketing strategies.
Number of Words The first rule to this method is writing articles with the proper amount of words.
This may be somewhat obvious, but if you are new to internet marketing then these article marketing strategies are important for you to know.
Most article directories will not accept anything below 300 words.
I would also point out that when the search engines spider articles they require a certain amount of words in order to determine exactly what your article is about.
The recommended value for the search engine spiders is at least 500 words.
Just to be safe I only submit articles that have at least 400 hundred words, but I try to aim for 500 if I can.
Don't write an article too long because you want your visitors looking for more information and that is another article marketing strategy which we will discuss next.
The Bio Box The bio box is where your article marketing strategies will be put to the test.
What this means is that this box is where you slip a link to your web page getting you the three advantages: exposure, traffic, and a backlink.
Since you won't be able to put a link inside the actual article itself it makes sense that you would place it in the most appropriate spot.
It is important that you don't just place a link in the bio box; you need to make your reader actually click the link.
Sometimes people refer to this as a call to action device.
This is where you tell your reader exactly what he needs to do in order to get more information on the topic.
You would have a link pointing to the actually web page with anchor text and another link directly to your home page.
The home page does not need to be in anchor text it can just be a direct link to the site.
The last of the article marketing strategies I want to discuss is how exactly to submit.
You need to have a plan of when you are going to submit your articles and where.
Set up a timeframe for submitting articles once per day to EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, Buzzle, and GoArticles.
Only submit one per site and I would not submit any more that one because you want to get these links slowly.
If you have multiple niche sites then you can submit one article per niche every day.
If you have three niche websites and want to submit one article for each website then that is fine.
These are just some article marketing strategies that are needed to use this method correctly.

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