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1998 Honda Magna 750 Specs

    Engine Specifications

    • The 1998 Honda Magna 750 had a 748 cc, four cylinder, four-stroke engine. The Magna 750's cylinder bore had a diameter of 3.1 inches and its stroke piston was 3 inches long. Each of the Magna's cylinders contained four valves.

    Performance Specifications

    • The 1998 Honda 750 Magna was capable of producing a a maximum of 87 horsepower when the engine was operating at 9,000 revolutions per minute. The peak torque rating of this motorcycle was 51.3 foot-pounds when operating at 7,250 RPM.

    Other Specifications

    • The standard transmission of this motorcycle was a five-speed manual that featured a chain final drive. The seat sat 28 inches off of the ground and its wheelbase was 65.4 inches wide.

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