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PS2, PS3, Xbox360, Wii game disk not recognized or fails? Game Copy Wizard to rescue!

Have you ever seen the Nintendo wii console Disk not recognized error or similar errors from other game consoles on your TV screen? It normally happens when your games disks get dirty or scratched. We just got a wii for the kids this past Christmas. Between then and now we've had to replace 3 game disks and a console (don't ask why)! The first disk was damaged by the console itself, and as for the other two the kids took care of them!

Game disks although they look like DVD or CDs, they either are much too fragile or the game consoles are too picky! Unlike DVD or music players, most game consoles no longer can read a disk if there is the faintest scratch on it. Most times one small line on the disk and it's a trip down to the game store to buy a replacement for $49.99!!

Now imagine how many games, and how many times you'll need to spend that $19.00 to $50.00 depending on the game! I mean those totals can really add up. Believe me with the economy being the way it is, I for one can definitely use the game-disk-money in other places! Now, what if you could backup these games to save yourself LOTS of money and grief! Keep the original and use the backup - when they get damaged, no worries. There are software that can do just that, and Game Copy Wizard is the best way to back up your game disks.

How can the Game Copy Wizard solve your problem?

Very simply put; you can use your regular CD or DVD burner, and regular CD and DVD disks to make backup copies of your games. This software is also capable of backing up your movies and music CD collections. Some people have even used it to backup whole bunch of games on one DVD!

This application can make quality backups of your games for Nintendo WII, Nintendo Gamecube, Sony PS3, Sony PS2, Microsoft XBOX 360, Dreamcast and even PC games! The advanced features of the software can even break through the latest protection methods placed on the game disks so you can make easy backups.

The software installs pretty easy, and it is also very easy to operate. To save yourself from seeing the Disk not recognized error or other scary messages alike on your TV screen, try the Game Copy Wizard. It simply is the easiest way to back up games.

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