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Make Your Girlfriend Want You More - Tricks That Will Make Her Crazy About You

If you want to make your girlfriend want you more there's a few tricks you can try.
Most men don't realize that they have all the power when it comes to whether or not their girlfriend falls madly in love with them.
Once she's interested in you it's up to you what you do with that interest.
If you want to keep your girlfriend you have to start paying close attention to everything she says.
Women love men who are intuitive and understand what they are feeling.
Obviously you can't read her mind but you can get a lot of insight into what she's thinking by listening to the things that are important to her.
A woman is taken back when a man asks her pointed questions about things in her life.
If you want to make your girlfriend want you more ask her about her friends.
Use their names in conversation.
Make small talk about her job and be specific when you do, asking her about a project she mentioned or a co-worker she was having friction with.
She'll be amazed that you remembered those small details and it will make her feel as though you are truly focused only on her.
Just as important as it is to listen to her you need to talk to her too.
If you want to make your girlfriend want you more be open about your life.
If she asks you a question don't just give her a one word answer.
Elaborate and share.
Women love this it makes them feel as though you trust them and want to include them in your life.
You can also make your girlfriend want you more if you ask her opinion about things.
It doesn't matter if it's something small or large.
Just including her will make her feel as though she's the most important person in your life.
She wants to be included in helping you decide things, so allow her that.

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