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Holiday Facial Fitness

It's the time of year when the weather has changed and you're busy running around, caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush.
Along with having parties and making sure things around the home and office are filled with plenty of holiday cheer, you continue with your normal chores of paying bills, helping with homework, attending school functions and household upkeep.
You're probably doing a lot more in the day and getting a lot less sleep at night.
Needless to say, this creates a lot of wear and tear on your mind, body and face.
Yes, your face! It's no secret that added stress and less rest can cause you to feel and look worn out.
You may have found that your face is starting to reveal signs of holiday fatigue.
Puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, as well as a change in texture and clarity of your skin from lack of adequate rest, cold weather and wind, can put a damper on your seasonal celebrations.
You need facial rejuvenation and you need it now! The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get back your facial glow or achieve a glow that you never had is by facial stimulation and massage.
This technique has worked wonders on countless faces across the globe and was actually part of the beauty regiments of many ancient civilizations.
What's even better is that this is something you yourself can do for free.
You don't have to go to some doctor for surgery or injections nor do you have to go to a massage parlor or salon.
Studies show that stimulating your face with certain patterns of finger tapping and massage improves skins clarity and texture, prevents and reduces wrinkles and breakouts as well as reduces swelling.
What you are doing is stimulating and waking up cells that have become dormant beneath the skins layers.
This produces a lifting effect and promotes a firm and supple face.
You are also unblocking and clearing clogged cells which increases the blood flow and circulation, thus, giving you a glowing and refreshed face in a matter of days.
A noticeable improvement is often seen after the first day.
Experts have said it restores a lost youthfulness to the face and can even give the appearance of having a facelift.
Facial stimulation and massage should become a part of your daily beauty routine during the holidays and everyday.
It's fast, free and easy, yet it yields great results.
Try it and you'll never have a dull face again.

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