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For most of today's consumer electronics product development and improvement

Dreambook W7

Dreambook W7 3G GPS 7 inch Capacitive Screen MID

For most of today's consumer electronics product development and improvement

For most of today's consumer electronics product development and improvement, the industrial design is the core driving force. In the mid-market cellular phone row Industry, user interface improvement is the new cell phone the key to success. If a cell phone, no one is willing to use, then the No matter how good it is, what significance does it! With this in mind, manufacturers are focusing on developing innovative technologies in order to be able to replace the occupation of Buttons and switches of space taking into account the cellular telephone user interface (CPUI) performance. In the use of capacitive sensing CPUI is to reduce the total An effective use of space technology. Capacitive sensing to achieve a lower cost, robustness, flexibility and an intuitive CPUI, while the And does not undermine the existing portable equipment dimensions and function compatibility. Capacitive sensing capabilities, such as white LED driver with And battery charging, and other standard cell phone features, combined to further reduce the cost of cellular phones. Cypress CapSense used The PSoC mixed-signal array technology, enables manufacturers to easily integrate into their cellular phones capacitive sensing capabilities

A typical mid-market CPUI by a few buttons, switches and display component. If you just want to have the basic functions, CPUI only one sleeve Zhen-type alpha-numeric keypad, the display may be coupled with a power switch is sufficient. However, many consumers will have only a The basic functions of mobile phones are satisfied with that? If you still want to have 10 million, 200 thousand, or even 30 million, then quickly forget about the; this, but Is the only one to ask! Currently, manufacturers design phones that can browse the web, send text messages, take pictures, and even storage and broadcast Play music. In the consumer market, these features are a key factor to attract most consumers. To support these features, the manufacturer The need to increase CPUI function. For CPUI, the function of the increase will have two consequences: either the size of larger, or the increasingly complex Miscellaneous. Unfortunately, yes: consumers but also for a more simple and compact cellular phone soft spot. Consumers will no longer mention the size of the bricks Cell phone walking around all the! Cellular phone manufacturers how to address consumers of this dilemma? One possible alternative is to use Capacitive sensors are used to replace the traditional buttons and switches. Capacitive sensor can easily replace the digital switches and linear sliders, the two Who exactly is the existing CPUI the most commonly used parts.

Hot Spots Flash 10.1,WIFI,Google market,Gmail,Youtube,Facebook,Gravity inducer,Google map CPU???i.MX515 Cortex-A8 1G 3G???Built in 3G (WCDMA CDMA2000),Support voice call Memory??? 512Mb DDR2 Internal??? Storage 8Gb SD card???Support SD card extend to 32Gb LCD???7 inch Capacitive multi-touch Screen LCD 1024*600 WIFI??? Wireless network:802.11b/g GPS???Built in GPS and support voice navigation Bluetooth???Bluetoot 2.0 A2DP Camera???2.0MP USB USB/DC 5V/3.5 mm audio jack/HDMI operation system Google Android 2.2 Size???192*116*14mm Weight450G Color and Language: Color???white Dreambook W7 from

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