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Guidebook for Conceiving a Baby Girl

The last decade or so has seen a tremendous change in how the new generation thinks…today couples work as a team, help each other out and believe in standing side-by-side…. No longer will you see a couple saying that they ONLY want to conceive a baby boy or couples seeking how to conceive a boy…in fact, more often than not, today couples who have a baby boy, are seen craving for a baby girl and it is common today to see such couples seeking techniques to help how to conceive a girl

Gender Determination

The moment you conceive, your unborn baby's gender gets determined. Every egg by now has the X chromosome. What happens is that the sperms carry either an additional X or Y chromosome. It is only when a 2nd X chromosome joins this egg that you'll conceive for a girl. In case it is the Y chromosome that attaches to this egg first, then you'll conceive a boy. So quite simply, if it's an X+X= girl, if X+Y=boy! 

There is a difference between the longevity & speed of these different sperms. A male sperm that carries a Y will travel faster as compared to an X. However, the speed does not assist males to have a shelf life that's longer. Actually, a sperm with an X chromosome is doable longer than the male counterpart. 

Conceiving a Baby Girl- Techniques
  • Technique #1: Shettles technique

It was a fertility researcher & gynecologist who developed this technique somewhere in 1960's. The method concentrates on timing the couple's intercourse well in advance of the ovulation. People who follow this technique believe that if the couple has intercourse before the anticipated ovulation, then it gives ample time for male sperms to sort of ‘die off', thereby leaving behind majority female sperms which are ready to join the egg as soon as it comes out. The only problem here is that it is it becomes tough to ascertain when the woman will be ovulating. What's tougher is to predict when she's 2 days ahead of ovulation! Experts are of the opinion that this technique works 75% of the time.  
  • Technique #2: Whelan technique

This method contradicts the one stated above. Whelan is of the opinion that if a couple has sex a number of days before ovulation, then they'll conceive for a boy instead. Her technique is better for couples who are looking for how to conceive a boy, for she says that having intercourse earlier in one's monthly cycle will more likely produce the couple a male offspring.
  • Technique #3: Chinese Lunar Calendar for Pregnancy

This is the ancient document which encloses a chart that lists which sex the woman shall conceive for the given month. Based upon this lunar calendar, it usually gives a woman a much higher age than an eastern calendar. Let me quote an example- if there's a woman aged 34, she might be aged 36 on this lunar chart. Concluding exactly when the woman shall conceive or exactly how to conceive a girl is difficult, nevertheless, because conception could happen at any stage over numerous days. 

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