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Contraception - A Woman’S Right To Live On Her Own Terms

Unplanned pregnancies can create havoc in one's life. You can of course abort but then if you use the right means of contraception you need not go through this emotional and physical pain at all. A few studies have shown that a child born out of an unwanted pregnancy also suffers severe psychological consequences in addition to the mother. Contraception can help a woman avoid this entire trauma and lead a healthy and happy life on her terms.

There are various types of contraception. The important thing is to consult contraception specialist and find out the one that will work best for you.

There are some very important factors to consider when choosing a method. First is your comfort level. Talk to a contraception consultant and he or she will help you understand the pros and cons of each method that will in turn help you establish how comfortable you will be with a particular choice. The next thing is to make sure that the method of birth control you have chosen also is effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. You must ask the consultant at contraception the effectiveness of each method for your peace of mind.

One very important thing to keep in mind is whether you will want to have a child in the future or not. If you are very sure that you do not want a child at all then your options are different from those who want a child a few years down the line. Now remember that even if a particular method of contraception is comfortable for you; your health may not allow you to go for this one. Let the contraception consultant decide this as only a doctor is the best person to judge this aspect of your choice.

There are other issues like your moral and religious beliefs that can affect the choice of the method of contraception you choose. Cost may also be an important factor for some women. Hence, it becomes obvious that the decision to adopt contraception and the means you choose is very individualistic in nature. What works for one woman may not for another. Therefore, do not choose a method based on someone else's case history; rather talk to experts in contraception sherman oaks before making the final decision.

The various types of contraception include contraceptive implants, injections and patches; condos for females; caps; pills; diaphragms; IUS; IUD; vagina ring. Whenever you want to start a family; all you have to do is ask the contraception sherman oaks doctors to remove any implants that you might be using. If you are on pills or injections then you can stop taking them as advised by the contraception Sherman oaks consultants. If you or your partner wants a permanent solution then you can go for female sterilization or ask him to go for male sterilization. It is a personal choice.

Visit a contraception sherman oaks clinic for all your queries and doubts.

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