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How to Replace the Fuel Filter on a 2004 Chevrolet Impala

    • 1). Relieve the pressure from the fuel tank by loosening the gas cap.

    • 2). Relieving fuel system pressure, method 1: Disconnect the negative battery cable from the vehicle battery. Find the Schrader valve located under the hood, on the main fuel line, by the intake manifold. The fuel system Schrader valve resembles a bicycle tire-inflation valve.

    • 3). Remove the black dust cap and connect a fuel pressure gauge that features a bleeding function. Put the bleeder hose into a suitable gas container. Open the bleeder valve on the fuel pressure gauge to allow the residual pressurized gasoline to flow into the gas container. After draining all the residual fuel, remove the fuel gauge and replace the dust cap on the Schrader valve.

    • 4). Relieving fuel system pressure, method 2: As an alternate method of relieving fuel system pressure, instead of using a fuel gauge to bleed the system of residual fuel, remove the fuel pump fuse, start the engine and let it idle until it dies--then disconnect the negative battery cable and replace the fuel pump fuse.

    • 5). Clean any debris or dirt away from the fuel filter connections. Place a drain pan underneath the fuel filter to catch any fuel that will leak out during filter replacement.

    • 6). Loosen the fuel line fitting with an appropriate sized line wrench. Drain the excess fuel from the filter and line into the drain pan. Unfasten the retaining bracket holding the filter onto the vehicle frame.

    • 7). Disconnect the "quick-connect" fitting on the other side of the filter by squeezing the exposed tongs on the connector while pulling the filter away from the line. Set the old filter in the pan.

    • 8). Attach the line fitting to the appropriate side of the new fuel filter and tighten with the line wrench. Push the "quick connect" fuel hose by sliding it in the other side of the filter, you will hear a snapping sound when properly connected.

    • 9). Secure the new filter using the original mounting bracket and tighten the vehicle's gas cap.

    • 10

      Reconnect the negative battery cable. Turn the car's ignition switch to the on position to pressurize the fuel system (do not start the vehicle yet). Check for leaks at the fuel filter connections.

    • 11

      Tighten fuel filler cap.

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