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Breakers Yard in Ireland, Save a Fortune on Bumpers Repairs

It was one of those miserable wet days, you know the sort.
The rain is pouring, the wind is howling and its dull and dark outside.
A day for being sat inside beside the fire, all cosy and warm.
So it was with in trepidation that I got into my shiny new car and headed off to the shops.
Taking it easy as I drive down the Blackrock road, south Dublin, as visibility was not great.
Anyway I arrive at the shopping centre and park up the car in Frascati's car park.
After my shopping I return to my car and to my dismay I discover that some oaf, has banged into my rear bumper.
It is cracked and shattered on the corner, completely messed up.
I check around and no note or anything for me in relation to the accident.
So looks like I am stuck with the repair costs.
So first thing in the morning I drive into Wicklow and bring y car back to the dealership I bought it from, not too long ago.
I ask the repair centre to have a look at the damage and to give me a quote for fixing it.
Twenty minutes later, the manger approaches me with the repair bill, unfortunately the bumper is beyond repair, which is no surprise, so a new bumper is needed, sprayed and fitted, five hundred and twenty five Euros.
Well that is more than I can afford, money is tight.
I thanked the manger and said I would be in touch.
So got home and started to call a few of the local breakers yards in the Wicklow, Dublin and Kildare area.
My ideal goal was to find a replacement bumper, hopefully in the same colour as my car, indigo blue.
Unfortunately none of the breakers yards had the bumper in my colour, damn.
But they had a bumper in a different colour and one guy said he would spray it to match the colour I needed.
I thought this was best option and agreed to it, two days later I drop down to Wicklow again and pick up my newly painted bumper.
I checked it out and handed over the cash to the breakers yard.
Later that evening, the weather was fine, I decided to swap the damaged bumper over to the new bumper; 45 minutes later I was putting the tools away after swapping the bumpers over.
All I can say is, the car was as good as the day she rolled off the production line, stunning.
So how much did I save? A hundred Euro would be nice, two hundred Euro would be brilliant, so what would three hundred and eighty Euro saving be then.
Yes, that is the saving I made by going this way, unbelievable and definitely worth it.

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