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Using Valerian Root to Sleep

    Using Capsules

    • 1). Purchase valerian root capsules from a natural health food store or drug store. You'll also find these capsules in many grocery stores, near the vitamins. These capsules are gelatin capsules filled with the ground herb.

    • 2). Take 450 to 500 milligrams (this is usually one capsule) at least a 30 minutes before bed. Some package labels may suggest more than this, but when you first start taking valerian, start with the lower dose to see how it affects you. Some people are more sensitive to sedatives than others--there is no reason to take more than necessary.

    • 3). Use valerian for several nights in a row, or even several weeks. According to the National Institute of Health, most people tolerate the drug well up to six weeks. However, using valerian for over two to four months may actually cause insomnia.

    Using Valerian as a Tea

    • 1). Purchase ground valerian root at a natural health food store (or, if available you can purchase a box of pre-packaged valerian tea).

    • 2). Place two to three grams of the herb in a tea strainer and place this in a tea cup.

    • 3). Pour warm water over the tea and allow it to steep for five minutes. Drink this about 30 minutes before bedtime.

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