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High School Fashion Tips

    • Teen fashion is all about fun and self-expression.moody teen image by pixelcarpenter from

      During a young person's high school years, it's not surprising that getting good grades isn't the only thing that a teenager has on her priority list. In an adolescent's world where "looking cool" can sometimes override everything else, having a great sense of fashion can seem like a way of attaining this goal. Yet regardless of the pressures on fitting in, teens should have fun with fashion and enjoy developing their personal style. After all, fashion is a means of self-expression.

    Clothing and Accessory Tips for Girls

    • To make your look stand out as hip and trendy with a unique touch, consider layering pieces (to give dimension to your outfit) and pairing it with a simple, slim-legged pair of jeans. For instance, oversized knits in neutral hues with a bold-colored, lightweight tank or T-shirt peeking a bit from underneath exudes a cool and laid-back look. For a slightly more dressed-up effect, you can never go wrong with a tailored blazer, flowing blouse, with jeans or cropped trousers. During warmer weather, floral sundresses never seem to go out of style, especially when paired with a light denim shirt or jacket. Also, don't be afraid to experiment with more daring looks (it's one of the joys of being young). Try clothes with stripes, bold colors, ruffles, lace and fabric with artsy patterns. Make note, however, that showing off too much skin is never stylish or appealing, regardless of age.

      For accessories, sometimes it's great to practice the "less is more" approach. When wearing sleeveless garments or T-shirts, try stacking a bunch of bangles and studded bands on one wrist for a slight rock-star vibe, or perhaps, wear some chunky silver rings for an added edgy look. However, avoid over-accessorizing since it may come across as a bit "over the top." For example, if you decide on wearing a chunky necklace, try avoiding dangling earrings or chunky bracelets. Also, since you'll be carrying around your books for most of the day, vintage-style satchels, messenger bags, and eco-friendly tote bags are always on trend.

    Clothing and Accessory Tips for Boys

    • Since men's fashion has shifted to more fitted silhouettes, consider swapping your overly baggy looks for outfits that are more tailored and streamlined to your form. As a teen, it's always fun experimenting with bold colors, so consider pairing a polo-style shirt, rugby shirt or graphic T-shirt in your choice of bright colors paired with relaxed-fit jeans, chino trousers or cargo-style pants. Incorporate layering, especially with hooded sweaters, knit pullovers or navy blazers. In addition, green military-style jackets have become a fashion staple for the young crowd, so you may want to test out this look with jeans and various tees.

      To give a slightly more cool and casual effect to your outfit with accessories, try simple braided leather necklaces or bracelets (ensuring to keep accessories to a minimum). For school bags, consider a good-sized messenger bag or sling-style backpacks in sturdy fabrics.

    Tips on Footwear For Girls and Boys

    • When selecting footwear, make sure you wear shoes that are practical yet stylish. For girls, consider ballet flats (which are versatile and come in a variety of styles) or wedges that are not too high in the heel area. Also, a pair of sneakers or "skippies" never fail, especially when paired with slim-legged jeans.

      For boys, sneakers are always the way to go, especially for daily use, but make sure to keep them clean in order to maintain a fresh head-to-toe look. For a more preppy, dressed-up approach, polished Oxford-style laced shoes or modern-style boat shoes look smart when paired with jeans, trousers, or even chino shorts.

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