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Third Generation iPod 8GB Vs. First Generation iPod 8GB

    iOS Version

    • The first-generation iPod touch comes with iOS 1.1 installed, but the device supports up to iOS 3.1.3. The third-generation iPod touch comes with iOS 3.1.1 installed and supports the most recent version of the iOS, iOS 4.3, as of March 2011. IPod touch users must pay a fee to download the installment in a new iOS version supported by the device; after users pay, all updates as part of that iOS version are free. IOS 2.0 places an App Store app on the device and gives users the ability to push email to the device; iOS 3.0 lets users cut, copy and paste, and lets users enable "Shake" to shuffle their music in the iPod app; iOS 4 introduced multitasking and folder creation.

    Battery Life

    • The first-generation iPod touch can play either 22 hours of music or five hours of video on a full charge; the third-generation device can play either 30 hours of music or six hours of video with a full charge. However, fully charging a first-generation iPod touch from a dead state takes three hours; fully charging the third-generation device takes four hours.


    • You must plug in a set of headphones or connect external speakers to the first-generation iPod touch if you want to listen to music or watch a movie. The third-generation device features a built-in speaker along the bottom of the device next to the 30-pin connector.


    • Each version of the iPod touch weighs just over 4 oz. and has a 3.5-inch diagonal touchscreen. The devices can be connected to the Internet through an available Wi-Fi network. The same audio file types are supported on each device: Apple Lossless, WAV, MP3, AIFF, Audible, AAC. Each device also supports MPEG-4 video playback and can display photos loaded as JPEGs.

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