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When it Comes to Credit, You Need to Know the Rules - Rule #4

If you know someone who has become a victim of identity theft you know what it involves.
Even though it is a non violent crime, the truth is that it is still very scary.
Unfortunately Philadelphia is one of the largest cities that this type of crime is growing in, and there are few options you have available to slow it down.
If you want to give yourself any realistic chance of protection you may want to consider one of the protection companies that have started up.
These companies do work and have become very popular, especially here in Philadelphia.
The fact is that they do offer a solid amount of protection but nothing is a 100% guarantee.
They make it much harder for your personal information to be used by someone other than you and constantly monitor your info to see if there are any unusual activities.
If they find something they shut down the problem fast and your money is restored.
But you need to make sure everything is restored, and sadly most protection companies and banks fail to repair your credit.
Lesson number four is that your score will be hurt by identity theft and you need to fix it.
Identity theft can do major damage to your score, especially if it goes on for weeks and months.
If you have spent years trying to build a solid score it is a tragedy that it is destroyed so easily without you doing anything wrong.
The good news is that there is a quick solution to fixing it if you want.
A credit repair company can fix any score no matter the reason it was lowered and it can do so in weeks.
Credit repair is a fast and effective process that is also very affordable.
By David George

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