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Pond Nets:What You Need To Know?

The use of pond nets may be a new concept to some pond owners. On the other hand, a small number of pond owners know or may have heard of them but they do not know how to use them. It is about time that all pond owners understood what a pond net is all about and what a great idea they are if you want to protect your pond from predators.

Pond netting, as the name implies is a net that is to be used in your pond. It safeguards your pond as well as your fish and other aquatic animals from outside forces that can harm them.

Its basic purpose is to safeguard your pond from leaves that have fallen from trees or blown by the wind. When leaves fall into your pond, they settle on the base and create an unattractive mess. It makes your pond look dirty, which is further aggravated if they rot. Plenty of compounds are given off by these rotten leaves that can result in the death of your fish. They also encourage the proliferation of algae. Removing the leaves when you clean your pond is possible but this method of cleaning does not guarantee that you will have a fresh and natural-looking pond. Removing the leaves with your bare hands can be done but some leaves will still be left.

Before buying a net for your pond, essential factors must be considered.

Get the measurement of the net. This refers to its width and length. You need to ensure that the whole pond will be properly covered. To get the exact measurement, you need to get the dimensions of your pond, too.
The mesh size. This pertains to the size of the holes. The size of the mesh will depend on what you want to protect your pond from. If your purpose is to safeguard it from leaves, then you will have to think of the sizes of the leaves that may fall into your pond.

Installing the net for your pond

The easiest and usual technique is to stretch the net from corner to corner of your pond. Use tent pegs or rocks to fasten it. You can also use a fishing line and tie it to a tree.

The net should not touch the water even when leaves and other debris have fallen onto it. Keeping it above the water will prevent your fish from being entrapped in the net. Leaves will also be prevented from decomposing in the water. You can place a rod in the center to ensure that the net will not touch the water.

You need to check the net regularly and get rid of the leaves before they get too heavy for the net to carry. If you wait for the net to be full of leaves before removing them, your net can rip from the weight of the wet and decaying leave. You likewise run the risk of poisoning your fish because of the decomposed leaves.

This is the best part of having a net for your pond. If it is fastened to PVC frames, you only need to lift the net to remove the leaves. Alternatively, if the net is tied or you have used pegs or rocks, you lift off one side first and turn it over to the other side. This may be quite hard when done on your own; therefore, ask for the help of another person.

The use of a pond net will help you in providing your fish with a healthy and secure habitat all year round.

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