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What Can You Do in Order to Make Your Guy Finally Propose? 7 Tips Which Will Guide You Well

You have a great relationship going and you feel it is time to think about making it permanent.
But if you do not see your boyfriend feeling the same, then you need to take things in your hand and drop hints so that he starts to think in that direction.
Here's what you can do.
Give him some cues You can get to the subject of marriage by telling him that your parents were asking about the plans since they know about the relationship.
Bringing the subject in a round about way gives him the hint that you are thinking about marriage.
Show that you are compatible You may have to make him aware that you are compatible in number of ways; you share common interests or your goals are similar, to make him realize that he has found a perfect partner.
Just nudge him a little for him to be aware.
Assure him Sometimes men are not too sure about themselves, they are in doubt whether or not you would want to spend your life with him.
You have to reassure your guy that you find in him a perfect partner and that you are looking forward to great times ahead.
Once his doubts are at rest, he will surely propose to you.
Let him know that you will be a great wife If he has not seen this side of you, let him see what a great cook you are and that you keep the great house in orderly manner.
This may sound little outdated but you have to put that seed in his mind that marrying you will be total bliss.
Let him know of your love and unconditional support at all the times.
Ask to see his folks This is one of the positive sign that you can send across, that you would like to meet with his parents.
When he sees that they like you, it will be easier for him to make a decision.
Talk about mutual friends getting married Casually mention about the friends who are married or if a friend is getting married.
Show him how happy they are, this will make him think in the same direction.
He will see that it is not a bad idea to get married when he sees other happily married couples around.
Be patient, but let him know that you are not going to be around forever You need to show patience in your effort to get him to propose.
But make it clear to him that he cannot take forever to propose.
The fear of losing you to someone else may trigger him to act and propose.

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