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Choosing a Flamingo Color Scheme For Your Child"s Room

In this article you will learn more about how to create a flamingo inspired color scheme for your room.
This simple color scheme was created with the idea that you could have a room that is fun and flirty.
This color scheme would be great for a little girl's room or just something fun to try out.
The main color used in this scheme is the flamingo color.
As I am sure you already know flamingos are a very bright pink, therefore you will need a nice bright pink.
 The secondary colors for this scheme will be simple cool neutrals.
I would recommend using a nice brownish grey color.
This will ensure that the cooler darker colors take a little light from the space for which the pink was painted.
Once you have selected your colors it is time to move onto arranging your room and painting it correctly so that the flamingo pink is not too over powering.
I would suggest maybe painting your favorite wall to look at the nice pink color.
You could then make up for the brightness with effectively accessorizing your room.
For instance you could buy a nice bed sheet that is a grayish brown color.
This will help balance the extreme lights with a little dark.
It is really up too you to decide what you think look best.
Just always remember to try new ideas out because you can always paint over a really ugly room.
With a flamingo color scheme you can rest assured that your child will love their princess room.
Not only will your child's mood be better but you can show off your artistic skills to anyone who might be touring your house.
One last idea for the flamingo room is that you may even think about adding some black colored accessories to the room.
One great idea is to buy a cheap chandelier and paint it black.
This will add a very chic cool element to your child's room.

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