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Everybody Wants True Love!

What's a fairytale without a prince charming, a princess in distress and true love? It'll probably be just another old story that will somehow fade into obscurity as time goes by. But, the element of true love is what made fairy tales into all-time blockbusters. Yes, everybody wants it so bad, even those princesses who did nothing but wait for their courageous knight in shining armour atop his mighty steed. Even today, everybody wants a taste of true love no matter how elusive it is. Some are lucky to have stumbled upon it, while a lot have simply given up in the unending quest for it.

So, they find someone that they could somehow tolerate, put up with them so they don't have to feel the loneliness of being single ever again, and then marry just because it's what everyone expects them to do. Quite a lot of people have gone this way, but only a few have escaped from the challenges and veer from the all-too-often divorce. But what is it really? Is it a cruel myth, a fleeting insanity, or is it something real and tangible, like crow's feet and potbellies? How can anybody know if the right person is already in front of him/her? While it is easier to be dreamy-eyed and romantic, it is important to understand and remember that to find love isn't as simple as going out there and putting a tag on someone who seems to be THE one.

Often, it's more of a case of waiting for THE one, instead of finding him/her in an instant. The harsh realities of everyday life render a vast majority of people to be pretty cynical, and it can be rather mindboggling when one somehow ends up with a wonderful person. Some take it as some sort of pure luck, but time and again it's the concerted effort from two people who wants to make the relationship last. It is likewise essential to have a clear picture of one's own self-worth: every person must be capable of self-love, for how can anybody else love you if you can't even love yourself in the first place? When meeting someone and the relationship somehow clicks, the important thing isn't how many hobbies or interests you share with the person.

It's the similar deep-seated core values that makes you both yearn for the same things from life. The initial fluttery sensation and feeling of heightened anticipation will always be there when meeting someone new and exciting. Although, this stage rarely lasts long-a lot of people get disenchanted upon returning to their senses only to discover that the seemingly perfect partner is just as flawed as all the others. But, this doesn't make loving the person an impossibility. What makes a relationship work is not finding the person with a hundred good points that can make everything wonderful. The "happy ever afters" only exist in fairytales, not in real life.

A relationship is a process, and the couple must grow together with each other, able to weather any storm or the big changes in life. True love calls for hard work and give and take from each person to last.

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