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What Are the Most Popular Spyware Removal Tools?

If you own a computer and use the Internet even infrequently then it is essential to have some kind of spyware removal tool running on your computer.
It needs to be able to scan for, detect and remove all kinds of malware such as spyware, adware and trojan horses.
These malicious programs can stealthily record your every keystroke and when you think that you use your computer to buy things and use Internet banking, you can see the danger.
In this article we will take a brief look at 5 of the best spyware removal tools.
The first of these spyware removal tools we will look at is those offered by Symantec.
This company has been at the forefront of computer security and spyware protection for a number of years.
The offer powerful spyware tools that have real time monitoring to catch all incoming malware and powerful detection and removal systems.
Their anti spyware tools come bundled with their large security applications for complete protection against all dangerous programs.
Another popular one from another household name is the McAfee spyware removal tool.
Like the Symantec products, it is able to prevent spyware from entering your system and can perform effective detection and removal functions should any be discovered.
It also provides protection against network corruption, productivity loss, slow Internet access and Identity theft.
Ad-Aware from Lavasoft is another very powerful spyware removal tool and which is able to scan all parts of your computer including main memory, registry, hard disks and any external storage devices.
Lavasoft offer a very good free version of Ad-Aware with added benefits if you pay the extra to register the product.
Spybot - Search & Destroy is another of the most often downloaded spyware removal tools that you may have heard about.
As you would expect it is very efficient at removing all kinds of malware including spyware, adware and trojan horses.
It also has facilities for cleaning programs and web-usage tracks.
The last spyware removal tool we will discuss is Spyware Doctor.
Like the others it offers real time protection to ensure that no malicious pieces of code are able to penetrate your computer.
It offers a very fast scanning speed for all types of dangerous programs including the usual suspects of spyware and adware as well as trojans, spyware cookies, spybots, keyloggers and phishing programs.
Which ever spyware removal program you opt to use be sure to perform adequate research as there are a number of rogue spyware programs on the market that may only serve to make your problem worse.

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