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    • The flag of Canada has welcomed immigrants for hundreds of years.o" canada image by Kathryn Palmer from

      For centuries, the country of Canada has proved itself hospitable to immigrants. From the early French colonists to the British and Irish of the 19th century to the Eastern Europeans, the liberal spirit and generous national policies of this nation have made it an attractive destination to those looking for a better life--whether due to economic hardship, political oppression or a thirst for the frontier. In more recent years, Southeast Asian and Chinese immigrants have made a home in Canada.

    French Immigration

    • Because Canada was settled by French explorers in the 16th and 17th centuries, it is not surprising that the greatest number of immigrants in those years were from France. Fur trappers and colonists followed in the footsteps of their countryman, Jacques Cartier, to settle amidst the aboriginal population in the eastern parts of Canada now known as Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

    British and Irish Immigrants

    • A wave of British and Irish immigrants arrived on Canadian soil after the War of 1812. Some were British army officers or British subjects following orders from Canada's colonial governors, who wished to counter the influence of the French settlers with plenty of British presence. Among the Irish, a significant number were fleeing the Irish Potato Famine and seeking fertile soil where they could continue their previously established farming habits.

    European Immigrants

    • Throughout the 20th century, the two World Wars drove immigration patterns. Oppressed or simply frightened refugees from Eastern Europe arrived in significant numbers, adding more languages and cultural groups to what was then a primarily English- and French-speaking nation.

    Southeast Asian Immigrants

    • As the 20th century drew to a close Canada, like the United States, welcomed tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the war-torn regions of Southeast Asia. Indian, Pakistani, Thai, Indonesian and Cambodian nationals were just a few of the groups that settled in Canada seeking safety and freedom.

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