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Group Psychotherapy Training

    Working of Group Psychotherapy

    • A group therapist selects the group of people who will participate together in group therapy, taking into account how they can benefit from each other and contribute to the group. The typical group session runs 75 to 90 minutes. During this time, the group members discuss their problems and feelings as frankly as they can. The therapist guides the interaction. In this setting, group members learn from each other and provide therapy help for each other.

    Benefits of Group Psychotherapy

    • Group therapy can be beneficial because it provides an opportunity to learn from other people. If you're in group therapy, you can better understand your pattern of interaction with others. If you're grappling with an issue, it helps to know that others are facing similar issues. Group therapy helps a variety of people. People having problems in interpersonal relationships take part in group therapy, as well as those coping with conditions such as depression.

    Group Psychotherapist

    • A qualified group psychotherapist is typically a mental health professional with training in the area of psychology, psychiatry, social work or family therapy. The therapist should also have the qualification to lead a group psychotherapy sessions. The National Registry of Certified Group Psychotherapists, for instance, conveys the designation of "CGP" on psychotherapists who have received training in group therapy and also meet continuing education requirements. The American Group Psychotherapy Association also provides training for group psychotherapists.

    Group Psychotherapy Training

    • There are a number of training programs geared to group psychotherapy. The Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society and the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Association have programs that provides input to help psychotherapists meet the requirements to be included in the National Registry of Certified Group Psychotherapists. The National Group Psychotherapy Institute offers a two-year training program at the Washington School of Psychiatry in Washington, D.C. The input includes six group weekends on modern approaches to group psychotherapy. And the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy offers one-year and two-year training programs as well.

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