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Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts: For a Cleaner Fire

These days, we're all told not to waste energy if we can avoid it, for both environmental and financial reasons.
Yet how much power do we use heating our homes? How much do we waste? If you use a fire as part of your current heating strategy, the odds are that it isn't as efficient as it could be.
That is where wood burning fireplace inserts come in.
Designed to fit inside your existing fireplace, these inserts allow you to burn wood more efficiently and with fewer emissions than you otherwise might.
They can be used to convert an existing electric fireplace to other fuels, or can be used simply to change the look of your fire.
They have several advantages over standard fires: Most fires, whether an indoor fire or an outdoor fireplace, do not channel heat very effectively.
As such, you end up with a house that is colder and less comfortable than it should be.
An insert helps the fire to focus the heat much more efficiently, creating a far warmer home.
As such, they reduce the amount of fuel you need to use.
If you have tried using a wood burning stove before, you will know that it uses far less fuel than an open fire, simply because it doesn't waste energy.
This approach produces the same sort of effect, without ruining the look of your fire.
In fact, it can improve it.
With a range of options to suit any d├ęcor, a wood insert can be a way to transform the way your fireplace looks without having to resort to the expensive option of complete replacement.
Because they don't burn as much fuel as simple open fires, those altered in this way require less effort to clean and maintain.
Yes, you can still have all those rustic looking fireplace accessories if you want them; you just don't have to spend all your time using them.
Compared with electric or gas options, they are robust.
They won't stop working just because there has been a power cut, and they won't bring with them the dangers of gas leaks and the need for regular carbon monoxide checks.
Instead, they will give you the freedom to simply enjoy the warmth of a log fire without the hassle and waste normally associated with one.
They are simple to fit.
This is not a case of rebuilding your fireplace.
This is simply a mechanism to adapt it quickly and cheaply.
With most inserts being simple to fit, and with the people who sell them often eager to help, you can be burning your new fuel without any fuss.
So, as you can see, there are plenty of good reasons for considering this option for your fire at home.
Whether you're fed up with the inefficiency of your existing fire, thinking of converting from another fuel source, or simply enchanted by the prospect of using this most traditional of fuels, wood burning fireplace inserts give you the chance to make the most of your fire, without making the most of your fuel bills.

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