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Online Entrepreneurship 101

Now I am not here to baby you. This article is only about the very base of making money online with a business. But stop reading this if you are not willing to put in some work to get some major results.

Okay so let me talk about starting your own website. You can start a blog which is the much cheaper way to go if you do not want to invest in a website. Most people are not anyway which I don't blame them. But if you start a real website with hosting and a good starting package you are looking at least $100. The only difference is the website looks more professional which means more profits for the person who owns it. But starting a blog is free and easier to control. But chances are a whole lot of people will not be attracted to a blog.

Now in the website you are going to want to start selling products whether it is your own, or other company's products that you signup to sell. This is known as affiliate marketing and considered the laziest way to make money online. A wonderful website that is notorious for affiliate products is

Now starting a website promoting products is just the tip of the ice berg. You would still have to advertise that website because basically it is your store that you own and you need to get customers in order to make money right. It is as simple as that, isn't that something. If you are just a beginner then I strongly suggest you go search the web for more information and some eBooks to expand your mind on this matter.

Want a great starting point to get more knowledge? Check out this site and you may thank me for this.

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