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The Secret of the Most Powerful Hypnotists

There are almost seven billion people in the world today.
Of this, only a fraction know what hypnosis is - and an even smaller fraction want to learn it.
But no matter how small the fraction is, when you're dealing with billions, it is still in the hundreds of thousands.
The number of Google searches for "how to do hypnosis" last year reached the millions, rivaling far more common search terms.
With so many people wanting to learn hypnosis, why is it that there are only a few hundred decent hypnotists out there? What makes the difference between them and the wannabes, who know the theory but don't make it anywhere? I learned hypnosis from Nathan Thomas, a truly great hypnotist.
Recently, Nathan put out his most important set of tips - he called them the Core Inner Game.
The topics in this report would apply to every profession in the world, but it served to truly highlight the most important thing that a hypnotist can have.
This is the thing that separates the masters from the apprentices.
It is something that no person can give you.
It is something that you cannot find in books.
And that thing is...
Confidence! Hold on, before you shut down this page and indeed your entire computer in disgust at such a let down, let me explain.
When a person agrees to enter hypnosis, they may have no idea of what to expect.
They may even be a bit nervous, but it is their subconscious that is really worried.
Without realizing it, your subject will be checking every inch of you for a sign of danger.
The danger in this case...
that you are going to do something weird or humiliating to them.
In such a state, there is no way that a person will properly enter hypnosis.
Now, you should work on alleviating the fears of your subject in your pretalk, but the fact is that no matter how perfect that pretalk is, those words alone cannot make the subject trust you.
That is what we are after, trust.
In the same way you trust the chef who cooks your food, or the surgeon in an operating theatre, your subject must trust that you know what you are doing, and will be responsible.
Therefore, even if you have never hypnotized someone before in your life, you must at leastact like you have done it a million times.
If you give away even a slight bit of uncertainty, your subject's subconscious will pick up on it and stop acting on your suggestions.
Naturally, the more successful hypnotists would have more confidence (they have years of experience, and in some cases very high profile training), but confidence is not some exclusive right that you need to earn.
Confidence can come naturally to some, but may be harder to find for others.
In my own experience, I initially had low confidence in the strength of my hypnosis - it was only when I literally bluffed my way through a hypnosis presentation that I realized the strength of pretending to know what you are doing.
Now, hopefully you do know what you are doing - it is both unethical and dangerous to attempt hypnosis without prior training - but it is perfectly fine to insert little half-truths into your pretalks and suggestions in order to inspire both yourself and your subject.
Just as important as the words you say is the way you say it.
Remember, your subject will be silently evaluating your entire being - you need to act confident as well.
If you do not know how to do this, then you can take a look around.
Check out the tv or the computer, look for a person who seems confident, and watch how they carry themselves.
You will find certain little things can make enormous differences - for instance, never stuttering or losing track of your words has proven to be a great asset for those working in an office environment.
However, it is easy for me to just write this all up in an article.
The confidence of each person is unique, so the above tactics may not make a shred of difference to some people.
The thing is that this is a skill you will have to seek out for yourself - no-one can teach you to be confident.
The most obvious way, of course, to gain confidence is to get out there and practice! Hypnotize a different person every day, and your abilities will go through the roof.
Good luck to you - and remember, confidence is key! Happy hypnotizing, Benjamin Want to find out more? Visit the website! http://invisiblehypnosis.

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