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Best Dividend Stocks in Australia on which you can invest the Money

The ASX 20 is the most "advertent" of all Australian Stock Market Indices. ASX 50 in Australia is a premier stock market index of Australia which track the performance record of top largest companies by free floating market capitalization covered by them in stock market.

Talking about best dividend stocks Australia indices there are 3 primary stock indices in Australia and they are as follows;

  • ASX 15

  • ASX 20

  • ASX 50

ASX Dividend (Australian Stock Exchange) Founded in 1987, located at Sydney in Australia had 2122 listed issuers with daily total market of capitalization of $4.685 billion and a market capitalization of around A$1.4 trillion, making Australia one of the largest stock exchange groups in the world as compared to the London Stock Market, New York Stock Market.

At the current time Australian stock market has fully recovered from the global financial crisis of 2007 as one of most popular stock index of ASX i.e. ASX 50 Closed at 5532 points so quite clear that it was 532 points higher from historic milestone of 5000 points. During the Global financial Crisis in Australian Stock Market was crashed and had seen a downfall of 17% overall between November 2007 to January 2008.

Every Investor have certain question in mind for his/her investments like which are the best dividend stocks Australiato buy? From the Last two year ASX Dividends has shown serious improvement on the stock market. Now people are investing surely but they are also looking for definite market to show more bright hopes to them in investment. People should compare all high dividend stocks, so that investors can find best dividend paying stocks that can give you high income with long terms growth, this is the most important part of every investors to choose best dividend paying stock in Australia.

There are big players of stock market in Australia, they are performing well continuously in this market and providing high returns to investors of their investment and building their profile in this stock market. I am referring top three of the Australian dividend paying stocksfrom ASX20 for your investments.

1. Macquarie Group: this is a global investment banking group, providing financial advisory, banking and investment and funds management services, corporate and retail clients around the world. Since November 2011 this group has grown its share price 106% and investors have been drawn to its attractive dividend growth yield of 4.2%.

2. Telstra's: price of this company's stock has gone from high in the past two years, rising more than 66% and paying out its fabulous dividend in the process. After reaching a 53-week high of $5.18 its share price has drifted sideways.

3. Suncorp: Suncorp Group Limited is an Australian insurance, finance, and banking corporation based in Brisbane Australia. It is one of Australia's largest banks and its largest general insurance company and it currently boasts a dividend of 4.8% fully franked and from last two years its shares have risen up to 54%.

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