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How to Earn Dollars in Farmtown

    • 1). Till the ground using the "Plow" tool, which looks like a hoe gardening tool.

    • 2). Purchase a few low price seeds. If you have no money, ask a friend to give you seeds. Click on a friend or neighbor's name to visit a farm and see if you can work on his farm for money.

    • 3). Plant the seeds in your tilled fields. Wait for an update informing you that your field is ready to harvest.

    • 4). Click the "Harvest" icon, which looks like a scythe. Click on the field that you want to harvest. As you harvest, "Farm Town" gives you the option to sell or save in storage. If you save in storage, you make more money through the Marketplace.

    • 5). Click on the "Harvest" icon again to deactivate harvesting.

    • 6). Click on "Tom" from the main login screen of "Farm Town." Click on "I want to sell my harvests or gifts." Tom takes you to the Marketplace. For every harvest you sell, you earn money.

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