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What Do Indian Restaurants In London Offer?

Authentic Indian food is popular world wide as it offers distinct flavours, rich aromas and an exhaustive menu of Indian breads, soups, starters, main courses and desserts. If you are travelling or residing in London and want to experience the best Indian cuisine, then head to some of the top Indian restaurants in London. These restaurants offer a relaxed setting and a great Indian menu. They are a perfect location for private dining, wedding banquets and other business lunch/dinner.

Different Types of Sample Menus

If you want to treat your family or friends to some authentic Indian food, then there are many places to eat in London. There are restaurants that offer variety of settings, ambience and dining experiences to guests. They offer exclusive dining areas such as tandoor bar and grill, main dining room, private dining room and outdoor terrace. If you plan to hold wedding banquets or private dinner, you can request for sample menu or opt for a customized menu. Some of the private party menu options include bar drinks list, lunch menu, dinner ala carte menu, dessert menu, special party menu, set menu, tasting menu, wine menu and special festival celebration menu such as Holi menu.

Master Classes

Leading Indian restaurants offer culinary classes to those who are enthusiastic about mastering the art of Indian culinary. Indian food in London is very popular and that is why you will find some of the top executive Indian chefs opening their kitchen doors for people who are looking to advance their skills. These master classes provide a unique opportunity to learn and observe the secrets behind Indian culinary and explore the diverse cuisine of the sub continent.

Tips for Enjoying Your Indian meal

Indian meals are completely different in terms of ingredients, flavour and textures. They can be quite heavy as well. If you truly want to enjoy a great Indian meal, here are some tips to help you. Choose a good contemporary restaurant in London that offers authentic Indian food. Non-vegetarian starters can be quite filling, so instead of deep fried starters, select tandoor or grilled meats. Clear soups are a good option. They are light yet tasty and perfect if you want to enjoy a full course meal. Indian breads are as filling as rice dishes, so opt for either one, but if you want to taste both, then keep one of them lighter such as either take breads with filling and plain rice or choose plain breads and a mixed meat or vegetable rice.

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