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Article Marketing Secrets - How to Write an Article That is 10 Times More Powerful by Writing a FAQ

Among the major article marketing secrets is your ability to hold the interest of the web viewer.
The opening lines should be capable of sending him right down the page until he reaches for the link to your website.
Different web master employ an array of techniques to achieve this.
We discuss the value of using the FAQs as an effective strategy.
Questions are always followed by answers Whenever we incorporate a question into our writing, it is automatically followed by answers.
For instance, if we frame the question "how to get rid of acne in 3 days?" that arouses the interest of the reader and when followed up with a precise answer, you have achieved the objective, at least in part.
How do you achieve this? It does not take a doyen in article marketing secrets to tell you that your article should be rephrased to make it an FAQ.
The trick is to precede every statement you make in the article with an appropriate question and follow it up with the related answer.
It conveys depth of your knowledge When you adopt the FAQ route, it also stands to give the reader an impression that you are an expert in the niche and can e relied on.
As for the article marketing secrets involved in the exercise, each question and answer should be thoughtfully framed.
Care should be taken to provide precise answers to every question.
A carefully framed FAQ can potentially deliver traffic that 10 articles might fail to.

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