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How to Outline a Fictional Story

    • 1). Gather any notes or other information you have regarding your fictional story. This could include character details, plot points, research or other important materials.

    • 2). Decide which plot points and information from your notes you want to include in your story. As you think about which plot points to use and where, consider how they will impact your characters and add to the story. If you realize a certain event you planned to include isn't relevant, now is a good time to let it go.

    • 3). List the plot points you plan to use, starting with the beginning of your story and going in order until the end, using a notebook or computer.

    • 4). Expand your plot points into summaries of each event, chapter or scene. Include any important notes about your characters or the setting in each of these as well.

    • 5). Proofread your outline to ensure that it makes sense and that you are pleased with it. Add, delete or switch the order of your plot points if necessary. Once it is ready, you can use this outline as a blueprint to keep your writing process organized and on track.

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